Hello Mr and Mrs Webby!

We are Deportivo and this is our entry into the 2012 Webby awards.

The Technology
The backend of Paywallforthehomeless is written in Ruby on Rails and is running on the cloud application platform Heroku. By using the Twitter REST API and an SMS Payment Gateway it was ensured only Twitter users who had payed via SMS could follow the protected Twitter account. Since it´s not possible to use the Twitter API to automatically approve follower requests to a protected Twitter account, all users had to be approved manually, which makes the Paywallforthehomeless backend a mashup of APIs and humans working together in symbiosis.

To the [now hibernating] campaign site: paywallforthehomeless.com
     The Idea
A paywall on Twitter for the homeless.
Campaigns on Twitter and Facebook are often made with the intent of people ”liking” or ”retweeting” something. We wanted to challenge this and create comittment among people, that would also feed and give shelter. We built the world´s first paywall for Twitter where people for 4USD could follow celebrity tweeters: writers, singers, actors, directors, during one week´s time. The money collected went straight towards support for the homeless.

The Results
  • 3 000 mentions on Twitter within a week.
  • The tweeters behind the paywall spread the message to their followers, in total 160 000 followers.
  • Over 500 people followed the paywall -resulting in 900 lunches for the homeless.
  • The campaign helped increase the amount of givers by 194 procent ( 3 500 givers christmas 2010 vs 10 300 givers christmas 2011)
  • 20 procent in the target group (15-40) had heard of a paywall on Twitter for the homeless, and the media impact landed on a gross reach of 19 887 000.

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