For Sofia

A virtual child giving a voice to all those who have none


Our mission from UNICEF was to market the need for more “World Parents” in Sweden (monthly donors). UNICEF works to give every child, everywhere, a fair chance in life. But getting attention for emergencies that aren’t highlighted in major media is a struggle. Another struggle is to draw attention towards children in difficult situations while protecting their integrity. Most conflicts are not covered by media at all, while some get all the attention. But what if one child could speak for everyone?


For Sofia. We used 500 images of children in UNICEF emergency areas and crafted them into one girl. We named her Sofia. (the world's most common girls name). Then we got the 3D animators from Planet of the Apes and Avatar to bring her to life. In a Facebook film, Sofia could give a voice – and a face – to all those children who are not heard or seen. The call to action: "Help the children no one sees. Join us in the fight for att better future. For every child. Become a Global Parent today.”


We morphed 500 images of children in UNICEF emergency areas into one face, using the tool Face Research. The final image was mounted on our 3D­model, which was made by scanning an actress similar to the morphed image, using our photogrammetry 3D scanner. We recorded video and audio of the actress performing the scene using a head mounted camera. The video was analyzed and the facial expressions quantified and then applied to the 3D model to have it animated according to the captured performance. The modification to get the model to look like Sofia was made using Mudbox. Final animation touches were made in Motionbuilder and Maya and then rendered using Arnold.

The Facebook film was strongly supported by PR and UNICEF’s owned channels. Sofia was even exhibited on Stockholm Art Week, in prestigious Gallery Duerr.


The campaign got an earned media reach of 663 million people. The film had 987 000 views on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which is a new record for UNICEF Sweden. But most importantly, we recruited 37% more World Parents compared to the same campaign period in the previous year. Our made up virtual girl Sofia made a real and substantial impact all over the globe, giving a voice to those who have none, in a brand relevant and problem solving way.