Democratic Front Row

An interactive VR fashion show where everyone gets a front row seat.


Telecommunication is, despite cutting edge technology, quite a traditional field of business. The Swedish Telecom operator Tele2 asked us to help differentiate themselves through a PR­campaign and communicate their brand purpose: “Challenging the norms in society and democratizing it through technology.” The mission was to launch a campaign during Fashion Week in Stockholm.


Democratic Front Row. We made the world’s first real time interactive Virtual Reality fashion show for designer Ida Klamborn in Fashion Week in Stockholm. Our idea was to democratize fashion through technology. We invited anyone to the exclusive Front Row of high end fashion and gave the new audience a voice in real time by interacting with what they saw on the catwalk. The solution would put Tele2’s brand purpose in a context, using technology to challenge hierarchies. In the secluded fashion industry, giving the uninvited not only a seat, but also a say, was nothing less of a revolution.


We approached the designer Ida Klamborn and asked her for a collaboration with Tele2. We made her fashion show interactive, with a custom built app, connected to 360 degree cameras mounted on beautifully designed robots (that would represent the young and get to sit in the actual seats). We made a teaser film with celebrities giving up their seats, and urged the audience to apply for one of our 1 200 VR- cardboards. We conducted a media and blogger’s outreach on the initiative to make sure that the important messages on democratization through technology were clear. The news about the interactive fashion show were also spread through Tele2 and Ida Klamborn’s own social channels. During the live show, the audience could interact and like what they saw on the catwalk in Virtual Reality, making the robots light up in pink.


Tele2 started a conversation in almost all Swedish daily news, fashion, and lifestyle media (including international ones) on how technology could challenge norms and democratize society. The earned media reach was 162 million people and 1 200 cardboards were ordered in one week. According to the Tele2 brand tracker (run by Millward Brown) the campaign had an obvious and direct effect on the perception of the brand.

In short, our campaign did not only democratize the world of fashion. It did so in a brand relevant, conversation­starting, and business driven way.